Emergency FoodsEmergency Foods Milk can be a item to add. Even though the electricity may be out, you will find milk in new varieties of cartons that no refrigeration and consists of long shelf-life. As you gather your disaster survival foods note the expiration dates and use and replace the items regularly to keep them fresh. The milk bring cooking make something healthy cereals, that are vitamin fortified to provide extra nutrition. Powdered milk is OK, it also uses some of your precious store of water. Emergency Foods On one other hand, should just double up regularly on non-perishable items you get each week at the grocery store, you get storing the very food consume anyway. Emergency Foods We current maintain our stock of food within a kitchen pantry however all of us discussing promises to expand and make up a small eight by eight extension dedicated entirely to food room. When we notice that our supplies are starting to diminish we engage in watching the market for local sales made. We try never to buy product unless it is on great deal.